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AssystMouse is a software that helps to control a computer mouse cursor with head movements by using a standard webcam, without the need to wear any equipment or marker on the face
Overview AssystMouse
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System requirements
Operating System
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (PC and Windows Tablet)

  • A webcam is required (not included)


We want to help you be faster, more precise and more efficient with less effort.

  • Mouse control​       

  • Auto-centering      

  • Click triggers        

  • Motion assistance

  • Click options         

  • Shortcuts            

  • Customization      

Controlling the mouse with head movements by using a standard webcam

Automatic cursor centering: you won't lose the cursor center when you reach the screen limit

AutoClick, FaceClick (e.g. raising eyebrows), External standard click

Intelligent algorithms stabilize the cursor and alleviate spasms and tremors' efffects

Left click, right click, double click, drag click, etc.

Web shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts (up, down, copy, paste, save, undo, etc.)

A configuration window allows to customize the program's parameters

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